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Better Price For You
We use a unique process to recycle waste glycerin from the biodiesel industry. The final product is a higher quality glycerin that is available at a lower cost.
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Recycling Gives You The Clear Advantage

Our unique method of recycling glycerin to produce Smart Glycerin means you save money while getting the right specifications for your application.

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Better Solution For The Environment
Our glycerin is bio-based and biodegradable. Recycling the biodiesel industry’s waste product decreases use of petroleum products. Smart Glycerin is tailored to your specifications for a safe and effective product.
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Protect The Environment

We recycle low value waste glycerin and convert it to a range of value-added bio-based products, decreasing environmental impact and reducing use of petrochemicals.

Smarter Formulation

Once we recycle and refine waste glycerin, we can formulate it into a variety of high quality end products.

Decrease Foreign Oil Dependence

Our waste glycerin is sourced from the US biodiesel industry, which decreases dependence on foreign oil and chemicals.

Top Notch Service

We work closely with our customers to deliver high-quality, environmentally-responsible products on time and on specification, each and every delivery.


Better Glycerin – At Lower Prices

We can provide significant savings to companies that use glycerin – as much as 40%.


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